HBAR Price Predicitions 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Hedera Hashgraph is one of the most popular crypto among investors. It is a combination of Bitcoin’s decentralized infrastructure and Ethereum’s genuine programmability.

What is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

At early stages Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) used PoW blockchain which was consuming massive amount of energy. In the PoW blockchain technology it is really hard to manage speed of transaction while keeping transaction security at an acceptable levels.

That is why the developers now used PoS blockchain and provides great security of transactions.

HBAR coin is working hard to allow businesses and business individuals to create DApps.

Recent cryptocurrency market showed investor it’s original potential. Cryptos provide middle to long term investment with great ROI.

Is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) A GOOD INVESTMENT?
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HBAR was funded by ICO (Initial coin offering) in 2018 and gave open access in 2019, September.

Talking about its advantages, it helps in Smart Contracts in Hedera Services. As HBAR can be staked, so it also helps to maintain a strong platform integration.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Founder

As discussed before, HBAR was initially released in 2017, Hashgraph blockchain was invented in the mid 2010 by an American computer scientist Leemon Baird.His company Swirlds still holds the patent of Hashgraph.

Hedera Hashgraph is developed by a Texas based company named Hedera. Leemon Baird is the CEO of the company Hedera.

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Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Review

Cryptocurrency CoinHedera Hashgraph (HBAR)
Current price$0.06507
Change of Price in 24h+0.98%
Trading volume in 24 h$24,416,281.61
Crypto market dominance0.14%
Current market rank40th
Market cap$1,372,053,062.44
All time high/low$0.57/$0.01
HBAR ROI-44.02%

Hedera HBAR Price Today

Hedera Hashgraph : Technical analysis

Hedera Hashgraph : Technical analysis
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HBAR – Hedera Hashgraph price charts shows us an uptrend of +2.83%. 24H low price is $0.0628 and 24H high price is $0.0661 (at the time of writing this article).

Hedera price increased by close to 40% last month. Will it exceed $0.075 this month?

Trading volume (according to Binance) has been consistently in between 30M-38M.

HBAR technical analysis
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HBAR is showing a strong resistance at $0.0623. Our technical analysis states if it goes any thing below it’s resistance, it may well go to $0.0583.

If you’re someone looking to invest in HBAR, the first entry should be around $0.0625 and the 2nd entry should be around $0.0615.

Is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) a good investment?

Well, the short answer is Yes, HBAR is a good investment. Crypto advisors generally advise investors to diversify portfolio so that any sudden crash to crypto value can not hamper your investment journey.

Is Hashgraph HBAR worth buying?
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The long answer is, you do your own research before investing into any crypto. HBAR has a record of over 3 million daily transactions. That proved how investors are being attracted to the project.

Though, some from the crypto community take this as a reasonable investment. Well, the others think HBAR can go below $0.0001 as well. It’s a very risky investment and you need to be super active to Hedera news.

Can HBAR reach $1?

There is a strong chance that HBAR can reach $1 before 2035. Some of the news channel’s technical analysis shows it can well be go up to $2 by 2032.

HBAR projects built using Hashgraph blockchain technology which opposes the tradition blockchain technology. As the project is based on PoS blockchain, so it never compromises with speed. It can handle 10000 transactions per second which is a key differentiator.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price prediction 2025

The current price of HBAR is $0.06587 and keeping in mind of the latest bearish trend, our technical analysis showing that it can go well up to $0.8 with a maximum push to $1.

According to Changelly, 2025 could be a vital year for HBAR. Their price prediction says that the price may drop to $0.2


While Coinpedia predicted the potential low of $0.2483 and a potential high of $0.47.


Price Prediction Analysis is very optimistic to be honest. They predicted the HBAR to be traded around $0.2 only.


Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction 2030

On January 2020, HBAR was at $0.00986111 and it gave an awesome ROI to its investors. By calculating the track records and future analysis, Hedera can be traded at $4.9 to $5 in the year 2030.

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We think and wish crypto prices to be moved in inclined straight line upwards but in actual world, it goes up and recover and then repeat it again.

As HBAR along with most crypto prices depends upon Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, if more investors seek interest in crypto field, the price of Hedera Hashgraph in 2030 can be around $5.

According to Telegaon‘s analysis, HBAR should be traded between it’s potential low around $11.92 to it’s potential high $21.15.


On the other hand, Trading-education estimated that HBAR will be traded at $2.10.


Digitalcoinprice also predicted with its own technical analysis that the price of HBAR should be around $2.15 in 2030.

Digital Coin Price

HBAR price prediction 2040

In 2040, the Hashgraph might see above 1000% ROI. Mr. Shekhar’s analysis on basis of different graphs and track records and keeping on mind the upcoming projects and trends shows that the price might be above $100 in the year 2040. The potential high can be $150 and the potential low can be of $100.

Telegaon‘s price analysis tells us a similar kind of predictions. They stated that HBAR can be traded in between $117 to $155.


Nper also stated that HBAR can be valued around $115 to $155


HBAR Price prediction 2050

In 2050, The crypto world might witness newest technologies. In fact Blockchain is getting powerful day be day and people started getting attracted to it.

Though Hedera Hashgraph’s (HBAR) price in 2050 can not be predicted accurately. But community believes that HBAR can go up to $500 at the end of 2050.

Our prediction of HBAR in 2050 is really optimistic with a potential low of $541.31 and a ATH of $589.43.



What will HBAR be worth after 5 years?

HBAR is evolving new technologies and it is competing with traditional blockchain technology. After 5 years, in 2028, it can be traded at $2.5 according to our tech analysis.

Will HBAR reach $10?

Yes, HBAR can reach $10 at the end of 2036. Though there are possibilities that a long bearish trend can hamper the predicted price.

Can HBAR reach $1000?

In expert’s opinion, it is not possible in the near future for HBAR to touch the price of $1000. If Hedera comes with some awesome technologies and helpful projects that attracts big Institutional investors, then it might touch $600 at the end of 2055-60.


Cryptocurrency is similar to the Stock market in terms of investment methods. But here, the price volatility is really huge. Before you invest into Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), do your own research using any crypto chart websites you use.

HBAR is a profitable investment and you can invest into it 5-7% in your portfolio.

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