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Hey readers. Welcome to Mr. Shekhar official website. You have come to this page that means you want to know who is Mr. Shekhar and if he has any team or not, right?

I will clear all your queries here right now.

So first of all, the main question arises, who is he ?

Who is Mr. Shekhar?

Mr. Shekhar, originally Chandra Shekhar Chattopadhyay is a Bengali techy guy and a passed out Mechanical Engineer.

He belongs to a middle class family at Bankura, West Bengal, India.

He has completed his engineering from K. G. Engineering Institute, Bishnupur, West Bengal. He has a lot of interest towards technology and at the same time he love sharing all his knowledge to the newcomer in this field.

So, You can say the combination of these two help him while creating this blog.

He is a trainer, an advisor, a teacher and a friend. All he need is you guys’ support and love.

Why Mr. Shekhar?

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Shekhar is from a middle class family and learned everything on his own. He always wanted to share all his knowledge by teaching others.

But, Honestly, Starting a tuition batch will take as less as 1 hour, but He can not teach you all via his home tuition, right?

So, this is why He started this National blog to help all Indian at a time.

Mr. Shekhar always try to give an in-depth guide and knowledge about certain topics in Hindi or, English.

He is master at it, and which always reflects in his articles.

Also, Mr. Shekhar is a certified Digital Marketer and coach from Hubspot Academy and Google. He shares valuable ‘make money tips’ and ‘marketing tips’ in his blog “Blogformarketers” . Do follow it.

Mr. Shekhar Team

Although, He hasn’t produced any team as of now. But if he gets your support he will surely scale up this blog and will surely create a dedicated team to guide you in the right path.

Administrator and Author: Mr. Shekhar

Mr. Shekhar, i.e. Chandra Shekhar Chattopadhyay is a Mechanical Engineer, Science and Tech geek, famous blogger and writer in WB, India. He shares proven and detailed guide in his blog mrshekhar.com

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Co Author: Annubhuti Chatterjee

Annubhuti Chatterjee is a ICSE board passed out student and a trained and working web developer from Kolkata, India. She loves writing and recitation. She is the co-author of this blog mrshekhar.com

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In a Nutshell

Mr. Shekhar is a popular blog. and Chandra Shekhar is dedicated to scale up this simple blog to a brand in India.

This blog has several specialities. Let us all help to raise this blog to the sky.

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